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this dance5 but It sometimes lasts for several hours,
every one concentrating his thoughts on ram or
snow with each beat of the drum. 'Ta-plum, ta-
plum? ta-plum5—goes the drum. 'Give rain3
give rain, give rain'—go our thoughts*

When the scouts returned they told us that it
was the band of Crows whom we were seeking.
They were camped at a distance of about 'twenty
buffalo arrows5 from where we were—about four
miles—(one 'buffalo arrow' was about 350 yards,
or the longest distance at which our tribe had
killed a buffalo with an arrow). The scouts said
that the Crows were camped in a large coulee
along the edge of the foot-hills (of the Rockies);
and It was evident, they said, that the Crow spies
did not suspect that we had recognized their
presence in the buffalo hide.

Owing to the fact that we had not dared to do
any hunting, lest we should disclose our presence
to the enemy, we had nothing to eat that night;
so Chief Going Soul said that we would kill a stray
horse which we had picked up earlier in the day—
one that had evidently got away from the Crows
—and have a horse feast. Indians did not like to
kill their mounts, but they were forced to when-
ever they were caught out without food. We
killed the horse, and we were all given pieces of it
to roast on the end of long green sticks. We built
our fire In a little ravine along the river-bank and